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Why You Should Consider (Or Reconsider) Messenger Marketing

Two Words - Marketing Messages

With Marketing Messages (formerly Recurring Notifications), you now have the ability to send promotional messages to your subscribers up to once per day.

This is a huge win for small businesses!

The Old System

Under the previous system, you were limited to a 24-hour window for the sending of any marketing messages.

Basically, a user had to message you first. You then had 24 hours to send them something promotional.

After that, the user had to contact you again to open another 24-hour window.

This made it very hard to extract value from a list of Messenger subscribers. So most businesses gave up trying.

The New System

Now, users can choose to subscribe to your Marketing Messages and stay engaged with your business long after their initial interaction.

Imagine if SMS & Email Marketing had a baby…

That’s kind of what Recurring Notifications are. Personal, chat-based messaging done at scale via automation.

Benefits Of Marketing Messages

Drive Engagement

Open rates of up to 80 – 90% are commonly seen with Marketing Messages, along with CTR’s that are almost as high.

Boost Sales

The high engagement on your messages creates many more opportunities for you to drive increased sales of your products or services.

Grow Retention

Messenger marketing lets you build personal relationships with customers, and they’ll remain loyal to your business for longer.

Marketing Messages Resources

Businesses Who Are An Ideal Fit For Messenger's Marketing Messages

Content Publishers Using WordPress

WordPress has a little-known feature that you can use to link your website directly to Messenger to create a powerful automated messaging system.

Each day the system can run an automated check for new posts published to your website.

It’ll then share those new posts with your Messenger subscribers without you needing to lift a finger to make it happen.

And the best part…?

Each user can customise the content they receive. They can pick & choose which categories they want to follow.

As an example, lets say you’re running a health & fitness website.

Your Messenger Subscribers can choose to receive messages when new strength training articles are published…

But ignore any articles about weight loss or cardio.

They are in full control of the content they receive.

Messenger is already head and shoulders above email when it comes to the engagement metrics of open rate & CTR.

But when you give each user the ability to customise their content, it takes things to a whole new level.

No more receiving emails about articles they have zero interest in.

Just give them the content they want, and watch how long they stick around as a loyal subscriber.

Businesses Running Viral Sweepstakes & Giveaways

If you’re using software like Gleam, ViralSweep, UpViral etc to build your email list, then we can help you improve your ROI by using those same campaigns to build a highly engaged Messenger list as well.

Businesses Looking To Promote Deals, Offers, New Products Etc

Marketing Messages are the perfect tool for Deal Alerts, special offers and product promotions. Shoppers love a good deal, so subscribing them to a list to get access to exclusive deals is an easy sell.

Entertainment Venues With A Steady Flow Of Events To Promote

Building a local Messenger list lets you keep them updated with whatever events you have on the calendar. They’ll appreciate being kept up to date with what’s coming up.

Businesses With A Solid Email Marketing System In Place

If you understand the value of using email to build relationships and make sales, then you’re in the perfect position to take advantage of the many benefits of Messenger Marketing.

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